Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday

When Ella turned one I knew I wanted a unique theme for her party that had bright colors. I search the blog world and found some cute ideas for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party. Given Ella's love for food and my love for the book I thought it was a perfect fit. I made some really lucky finds while planning and they really pulled everything together.
  • I found the idea for these invites online. I loved the way they came out! Those of you who came to the party might be saying … ‘hmmm I never received one of those fabulous invites’. For reasons out of my control I never got to send them out , but darn it they will be seen lol. I cut out all the construction paper shapes with my Cricut and attached them with scrap booking brads. Then, I printed all of the party details on label paper , cut them out , stuck them on and TADA!

  • I found these paper goods in the clearance section at the best store in the universe....that’s right Target .SCORE!!!! I always buy a few themed paper goods then I find cheaper solid color paper goods that match and mix them in .It’s a big money saver.

  • I planned (what I thought to be), some awesome activities but apparently the playground was way cooler. I had to tear the kids away to get them to participate lol. We played a Feed the Caterpillar Toss Game, Pin the Caterpillar on the Apple game, and we hit a Butterfly PiƱata .I also had a table with themed crafts on it for the kids to do when they got tired of running around the playground ( however , apparently kids don't ever get tired of running around playgrounds lol).

Ella playing the Feed the caterpillar toss game

One of the many Caterpillar Crafts. We used ribbon and beads to create very hungry book marks.

  • One of my favorite things was this guest book. I bought the book ( $5 Kohl’s again), and had all the guest write a message to Ella inside. It’s something we can keep for a memory for years to come.

  • For Ella’s cake I saved time and my sanity by purchasing green cupcakes from Albertson's . My mom made and assembled the rest of this adorable cake ( Thanks Mom xoxo ). The cake board was wrapped in some rainbow polka dot paper from Target and I added a "Ella" sign to the corner of the board for an extra touch.

Thanks to all the Bloggers who gave me / sparked these great ideas. I would credit you personally but I looked at so many blogs that they've formed a Pangaea like picture in my mind lol. Hope you got some helpful ideas and have as much fun with this theme as I did J