Ava's Pretend Play Party

Ava’s Pretend Play Party
My daughter Ava loves pretending. If we get in the car I hear “Can this be an airplane?” then I have to turn on the pretend fasten seat belt sign, give her pretend head phones, announce the in flight movie etc.When it’s dinner time I’m the waitress and she must make a reservation and peruse a fake menu. So when it came time for her birthday I decided to take this love for pretending and turned into a party theme.

  • We booked the Chino Youth Museum to have the party. This is a small Children’s museum that is very affordable and not overwhelming for the little ones. The entire museum is about pretending so it was a perfect place to have the party.

  • I was stumped on what to do for decorations at first. I decided to let Ava pick out her favorite birthday plate from our local party store. Then, I used this plate as the color scheme for the rest of the party.
Sign I made with my Cricut

  • The plates Ava chose had a crown on it so I dubbed her the “Queen of Creativity” .We used the crown image as accents & carried the royalty vibe into her invite too.
Invite wording
We hope you and your active imagination can join us
for a day of magical make – believe as we celebrate,
the Queen of Creativity’s 5th birthday.
  • For favors I did a couple of things.First , I went to a dollar store and found different hats and accessories. I set up a table with a sign that said “Who will you pretend to be?” .The kids got to chose the hat they wanted and their favor bag include the matching accessories to their hat. We had pirates, rock stars, firefighters, and princesses.
In front of each hat I placed Bobble head Avas (the heads didn’t really bobble but I think they looked like bobble head dolls so that’s what I’m calling them) . I found coloring sheets that matched the hats, colored them, cut them out, and glued pictures of Ava onto the heads. My finished product was scanned on my copier because I’m anal like that,but it probably wasn't necessary lol.
Favor Table

Bobble Head Ava’s (My favorite thing about the party BTW)

Favor Bags
Pretend grocery bags filled with play money, pretend food, grocery list, accessories (Pirates had hooks and eye patches, rock stars had microphones etc.) , & a “Thanks for pretending with me!” bobble head tag.
· I chose to order cupcakes from the grocery store ( reasonable price & hassle free gotta love that). My husband made these cupcake toppers on the computer to match the theme. I love the way they came out.

Ava had so much fun and it was probably the least stressful party I’ve ever thrown!

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